Yantra Amore (YA) brings together like-minded people who aim to create a harmonious space between work and life to do what they are passionate about: to find and develop alternative methods and tools for mutually beneficial interactions between man-kind, nature, science, technology and business.


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YA Agency

The activities created by YA, are a cumulative result of dozens of professionals who exceed at finding an audience that shares the core value of sustainable actions.

By creating solutions based on the rational use of natural resources and high technologies; we form a special model of interaction between brands and their audience in accordance with the venue of outdoor events through modern art and outdoor activities.

Organization and execution of festival events.

Creation and support of the main locations of the festival: dance floors, technological pavilions and playgrounds, children's sports and cultural zones
Integrating sustainable solutions and green technologies into the organizational infrastructure of the festival
Brainstorming ideas and creative concepts for environmental events

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YA Technology

We offer the use of sustainable innovations and eco-friendly solutions to equip events based on the model of sustainable business development. Promotion of conscious and responsible attitude to the environment, using technical and economic advantages of new technologies such as:

- Spherical projection screens (YA 360) for advertising and installations
- Interactive terminals for navigation, information and digital services
- Individual and commercial electric transport
- Sustainable construction: mobile domes and structures
- Using solar and wind energy

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YA 360 - Spherical projection screens are a versatile and mobile carrier with excellent visibility.

Due to the unique production technology and assembly, all-weather use of spheres has been achieved
Compact packaging and quick installation
Suitable for indoor and outdoor events


For whom?

City park • Eco space • Festivals • Events


Our team consists of industry professionals of major international festivals in Russia and Europe.
Together we are able to solve the widest range of tasks and create full-scale events.

We work with advanced technology teams around the world and can customize an exclusive
eco-friendly event or create a smart-green space for you.

By combining and using the products and services of YANTRA AMORE - we create
a synergy of new opportunities for a happy and harmonious tomorrow ...